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Test your language proficiency in English and find out which course suits you best

This test can help you determine your approximate English level, based on your knowledge of the English grammar, your vocabulary and your use of English in everyday situations. However, this does not replace an entire placement test with written and oral parts and only provides a rough guide.

Following, there are 50 questions regarding General English. Please answer the questions in sequence. You have to answer all questions. There is one correct answer for each question.

1. Are all your colleagues English? No some of them are _____.*
2. The Head of our sales department has _____ interesting job.*
3. All my colleagues _____ in London now.*
4. My name is Julian Fleming and I work for QLC. What do you _____?*
5. _____ you work with a PC every day?*
6. I _____ to Frankfurt on business last year.*
7. You _____ meeting John Portman in London next week.*
8. Munich is a very expensive city. Do you live in a house or _____?*
9. I’m sorry, I ______ understand Spanish.*
10. Frankfurt is the only German city with very _____ high-rise buildings.*
11. Hello, I’m Jennifer Nolan. _____*
12. Where were you born? I _____ born in Berlin.*
13. Is that the Grand Hotel? _______ book a room.*
14. We can have a meeting _____ Tuesday.*
15. I hope I _____ disturbing you. I can call you again later.*
16. She is a very _____ worker and always finished everything on time.*
17. I work in the city and there is an underground station _____ my office.*
18. You _____ use your office phone for private phone calls.*
19. Please try not to_____ too many mistakes.*
20. Do you know if the train _____ already left?*
21. I _____ for this company for 5 years now.*
22. The company is a very good _____.*
23. We are looking forward _____ you to our company.*
24. Most people in my company share an office but I have an _____.*
25. If the company’s profits go down, people may _____ their jobs.*
26. Mary would work better if she _____ a quieter office.*
27. Could you please _____ me your pencil? I can’t find one here.*
28. Would you _____ to have coffee or tea?*
29. My broker has advised me _____ in that company.*
30. There has not been _____ good news on the Stock Exchange recently.*
31. It _____ no difference if you go for lunch at 12 or at 1 p.m.*
32. Do you think we will make less profit this year? I _____.*
33. Would you prefer to drink red or white wine?*
34. Ralf is _____ the exams next week but he thinks he might fail.*
35. The _____ to be an airline pilot takes 2 years and is very hard work.*
36. She is very shy and _____. I don’t think she will give a very good presentation.*
37. We have found a big difference between customers in the city and in the _____.*
38. Would you mind if I _____ the door? It’s very noisy outside.*
39. One way of _____ money would be to cut down on business travel.*
40. I can _____ you that we intend to fulfil the terms of the contract.*
41. A lot of my colleagues ____ to smoke at one time.*
42. By this time tomorrow I _____ in Kinshasa.*
43. Everyone enjoys _____ praised for work they have done.*
44. We are in the process of _______.*
45. This candidate _____ the job description best of all of them.*
46. Please send him a _____ about the meeting.*
47. It’s very important that this is done _____ tomorrow at the latest*
48. Sales have _____ since we introduced a wider range of colours for the model.*
49. One way of starting a presentation is with a rhetorical question or _____ fact.*
50. Many goods nowadays are produced to become _____ in a short time.*

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Language test developed by elc – European Language Competence, Frankfurt and Saarbrücken, www.elc-consult.com