Let your creativity run wild while learning English

English course plus art

If you wish to combine an art course with your language course, there are many varied options available to you. We can offer you the opportunity to study a course in the area of art and design at the University of the Arts in London. Here, alongside your English course, you will have the university’s wide range of subject choices available to you, from interior design to film-making, to graphic design and beyond. The majority of courses take place during the summer, but a number of courses are run throughout the year.

Alternatively, you can attend an art course in Devon alongside your English lessons, and improve your painting technique with the help of an artist. Or you could attend a pottery course. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we will help to find your ideal course.

English course plus culture

All language schools offer a programme of leisure activities and excursions, but some schools take this further. They offer exceptional cultural experiences which will transform your language course into a truly memorable experience. You can attend courses where the lessons are taught in museums and at sites of cultural interest. Alternatively you can participate in a course that takes place during the Edinburgh Festival or the Wexford Opera Festival.

If traditional classroom-based learning doesn’t appeal to you, we can recommend courses on which you will be guided around the sights of the UK and told their histories while also learning English in an outdoor setting. Whatever you choose, you will be looked after by qualified and enthusiastic language teachers and tour guides. You will be encouraged to engage in conversation and to practise and improve your English skills. Let us help you find your ideal course.

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