What are the benefits of attending a language course during the school holidays?

Holiday courses for students with accommodation in a host family

Small, family-run language schools often offer English courses with accommodation in a host family. The language school organizes the host families, choosing them personally and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The schools are obliged to follow rules set by the British Council, which regularly conducts unannounced inspections, ensuring a constantly high standard.

The great advantage of staying with a host family while attending a language course in the UK or Ireland is the extra time spent with English native speakers and the resulting insight into the everyday life of a British family. Host families are required to have experience with children and some families even have similarly aged children of their own. Some families will host several children at once, but there should never be two native speakers of the same language in a family at the same time.

The accommodation officer is responsible for the selection of host families and provides a permanent contact at the language school. If the children experience any problems with their host families, the accommodation officer will assist and can arrange an immediate change of accommodation if necessary.

On their first day at the language school, all students will sit a placement test which the school will then use to evaluate their level of English. The children will be divided into study groups appropriate to their age and language skills. The leisure activities are also organized to take into account the different age groups. All language teachers are professionally qualified and have relevant academic backgrounds. The children are constantly looked after; the rules regarding the supervision and safety of children are much stricter in the UK than elsewhere.

Young adult courses with activities, sports and leisure programmes

As well as the English lessons, all courses offer activities such as sport and excursions into the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can choose a course which focuses on a specific area of interest, with available options ranging from sports to art and cultural programmes. Some language courses can be combined with a specific sport, such as football, golf, surfing, dance, tennis or horse riding. No matter what your son or daughter’s passion, we will find the right course for them. Simply contact us to discuss the options.

First steps into the English language for young children

Junior courses are available for children aged 3 and over. These courses offer a playful introduction to the English language. The priority is that the children feel comfortable and are introduced to the new language in a relaxed atmosphere. The primary focus is on developing speaking and listening skills. Children under the age of seven must be accompanied by a parent or adult who will be responsible for their care outside school hours. Junior courses can also be offered alongside adult courses for one or both parents.

Language courses for the whole family

If you wish to accompany your child, there is always the possibility of attending a language course yourself. Some schools offer separate facilities for both young and adult learners for exactly this purpose. Of course, it is also possible to combine an adult General English course with a Business English course. Accommodation can be arranged either together in one host family or separately in more than one (depending on the age of the child or children), or alternatively we can help you to find a holiday home or cottage. If you would prefer the latter, we recommend that you book early.

A. and R. Rietz´ Feedback

Our daughters quickly felt at home.

They really enjoyed going to the language school – unlike in Germany and even during the holidays. Many thanks to English in Britain for the smooth and brilliant support in the selection of a language school, it was very helpful and is absolutely recommendable.

M. Schmöger's feedback:

Our sons' second attendance at the language school.

The school perfectly knows how to communicate language skills in an unforced manner and is flexible in regards to unforeseen events and makes anything possible that is possible. The activities were well coordinated with the needs and interests of the students. The host family treated him like a family member and he is still in touch with his host mother.

K. Visschedyk's feedback:

I have to highly praise you for the excellent consultancy and preparation of the language trip. Even the communication beforehand was outstanding.

It is a really pleasant experience to rely on the judgement of people rather than getting lost in the broad offers on the internet. We picked up a very happy child after 14 days with many new impressions directly at the campus. The language school has an outstanding concept and a good coordination of the excursions and lessons. Many, many thanks for your support.

S. Kretschmer’s feedback:

Our daughters really enjoyed their stays in Oxford and Cambridge. They would overall grade it with an A.

The teachers were good, and so were the families and lessons. Our daughter definitely wants to go there again next year, which speaks for itself. Your preselection regarding the schools was outstanding. You and your employees always took your time to answer my questions, no matter how difficult they were.

K. Greimel’s feedback:

My son was in Oxford during the Easter holidays and he really enjoyed it.

High level of professional standard. The accommodation in the host family was exceptional as well.

M. Burckhardt’s feedback:

I was surprised about how much fun English lessons can be, in contrast to the rather monotonous lessons in Germany.

In the language school you work in small groups, where the teachers adjust to the needs of the students, rather than the other way round. In my one-to-one lessons I could precisely work on my problems, and now have received all the assistance I needed for my Abitur exam and which the German teachers could have never given me. I recommend every student that wants to improve their English skills to do this language course, because it is the exact right one!

L. Marchand’s feedback:

My daughter participated in a language course with golf coaching and was delighted in every aspect and only wanted one thing: To go there again the next year.

The atmosphere among the students and with the coaches was ”super cool”, to say it in her words. I was also satisfied with the consultancy and organisation overall, everything was perfectly planned and organised beforehand and at the school. It was her first flight by herself and that is why consultancy, the organisation and reliability were very important to me. Altogether I can only grade everything with an A+. Many thanks.

J. Bradtner’s feedback:

Our son was in a football camp and totally delighted.

After one day at home, he preferred to go back again. For Moritz it was a great experience and the exact right programme!!! He is still in touch with a lot of the boys from camp through social media and they want to try and meet up there again the next year.

H. Lawes’ feedback:

The feedback for my daughters stay is quickly done. My daughter was highly enthusiastic. We only heard the best from the school.

Our daughter really made progress. The horse riding was her highlight. Overall there were great horses, outstanding instructors and beautiful rides on the beach. Your consultancy for the planning of the journey was really exceptional. In our case Mr. Wolfgang Stein was always available and advised and assisted us. That really helped to calm us beforehand.

English courses with host family accommodation for children and teenagers

Key facts about holiday courses with accommodation in a host family

  • The language school takes responsibility for placing the children with host families; it chooses the families personally and ensures that everything runs smoothly over the course of the stay. Host families have plentiful experience in taking care of children and follow strict rules.
  • Children are divided into study groups according to their age and language skills, with the aid of a test taken on the first day of school.
  • As well as English lessons, all programmes offer the chance to take part in social activities such as sports and excursions. If your child has a particular interest, it may well be possible to combine this with an English course. Contact us to discuss the options available.
  • Junior courses offering a playful introduction to English are available for children aged 3 and over.
  • Both junior courses and courses for young adults and teenagers can be offered in combination with adult courses, so that the two courses are coordinated.

English courses for teenagers with boarding school accommodation

Key facts about holiday courses in boarding schools

  • Courses usually take place in the well-equipped class rooms of British boarding schools.
  • A boarding school is a particularly safe option because all teaching, leisure activities and accommodation are situated on school grounds. Many schools do not allow motor vehicles to be driven on their premises.
  • The individual and intensive support offered in a boarding environment is combined with daily interaction with other children. This provides an excellent learning environment in which to gain a firm knowledge and understanding of the English language.
  • Visiting an English boarding school allows the child to gain a better understanding of life in a British boarding school and will prepare them for a longer stay in the future.
  • All boarding schools offer a wide range of sports and leisure facilities on the campus: English lessons can be combined with sports such as horse riding, tennis or football, or with art, music or drama.
  • Courses are offered for all different levels of English ability: a language placement test taken at the start of the course helps determine which class the students are placed in.
  • Most courses take place during the summer holidays and have a minimum duration of two weeks. A number of courses are also available during the Easter holidays and at other times of year.

Sample prices

Sample prices: Holiday courses for children and teenagers

The following sample prices are only some of the many offers of our partner schools. Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right one for you!

Course type English language course for children aged 8 - 11 and 12-13

Beispiel Language-learning holiday for children in South West England

Duration One week (longer courses available)

Class size Max. 12 participants

Intensity 30 lessons of 45 minutes duration per week

Availability 26.03. - 06.04.2018

Accommodation Special host families for children

Catering provision Full board in a host family

Leisure programme Sport and social activity programme every afternoon (excluding Sundays)

Institute Language school in a small, safe seaside town, ideal for children

Price 670 UK pounds for language course, leisure programme, full board accommodation and transfers to/from the school; fees and transfer included

Kosten £670

Course type English language course for young people aged 16 years and above

Beispiel English course for young people in Worthing (England)

Duration Two weeks (shorter and longer courses are available)

Class size Max. 14 participants

Intensity 20 lessons of 45 minutes duration per week

Availability All year (excluding Christmas)

Accommodation Host family; single room

Catering provision Half board on week days, full board at weekends

Leisure programme Optional leisure programme

Institute Language training institute on the South Coast of England

Price £736 for language course, learning material, board and accommodation; fees included

Kosten £736

Course type English language course for young people aged 11 – 17; or aged 10 years or older for winter courses

Beispiel Intensive course for teenagers in York (England)

Duration Two weeks (shorter and longer courses available)

Class size Max. 14 participants, average 8

Intensity 30 lessons of 45 minutes duration per week

Availability Easter, summer, October and winter

Accommodation Host family

Catering provision Full board in a host family

Leisure programme Sport and social activity programme every afternoon

Institute Language school in a historic city in Northern England

Price £1.206 for the language course, learning material, leisure programme, Sunday transfers to and from Manchester Airport, board and accommodation; fees included

Kosten £1.206

Course type English language course for young people aged 13 – 17

Beispiel English course at boarding school in Dorset

Duration Two weeks (longer courses available)

Class size Max. 15 participants

Intensity 20 lessons of 45 minutes duration per week

Availability Juli 2018

Accommodation Shared room at the boarding school

Catering provision Full board at the boarding school

Leisure programme Varied leisure programme, excursions, intensive supervision

Institute Language school in a historic building in South West England

Price £1.830 for the language course, learning material, leisure programme, full board accommodation and transfer to and from the airport; fees included

Kosten £1.830

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