Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more, then please get in touch. We will try to answer any questions you have about the details of your language trip. You can also find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

How does the consultation work?

The more detail you can give us about what you are looking for, the better we can advise you. Just fill out our enquiry form or call us on 0049 69 91 50 96 80. We will discuss your aims and wishes and send you details of a selection of suitable schools and courses.

How do I book a language course?

However you like – you can fill out the registration form of the selected language school and fax or email it to us, or you can call us and we will process the booking by phone for you.

What does the consultation cost?

We offer our consultancy service to you free of charge. No matter which language school you choose, you will never pay more than the original list price.

Can I visit your office in person?

Yes, of course. Just call us or fill in our online form to arrange an appointment.

When do the language courses begin?

Most General English courses run weekly, starting each Monday of the year. This allows you a lot of flexibility to plan your stay. Some special language courses have fixed starting dates, which we will tell you about during your consultation.

How can I find the right language course for my level of English?

Our language schools offer courses for all different levels of English, ranging from absolute beginner to advanced courses. You will provide a rough self-assessment when you book, and then you will do a placement test when you get to the school. The results of the test will be used to place you in the course that is best for you.

What level of English is required for a Business English course?

That depends on the language school. Some schools offer general Business English courses from an A2 (”Pre-intermediate”) level. More complex Business English courses often require a B1 (”Intermediate”) or even a B2 (”Upper intermediate”) level.

If you are unsure about your English level, take our Business English test to evaluate your skills.
How long are the language courses?

The minimum length of most language courses is one week, but we recommend you stay for at least two weeks to make the most of your course of study in an English-speaking country.

Which course intensity do you recommend?

The course hours should not be less than 15 hours per week, which means three hours per day. We can offer language courses for every intensity level, ranging from 10 to 45 hours per week, according to your wishes.

Can I do the language course as part of a ”Bildungsurlaub”?

Yes, that should be possible. However, the requirements and regulations will depend on the Bundesland in which your employer is situated. The language schools must be accredited by the relevant Bundesland, so we have to check whether an accreditation is available and for which courses it is valid. We can discuss this further as part of a personal consultation.

Can I book a language course at short notice?

Yes, absolutely. You can start a language course next week if you want to. Simply contact us and we will check availability and let you know about free places the same day.

Do you offer discounts?

That depends on the course you choose. Many language schools offer discounts on courses that are longer than eight or twelve weeks. Additionally, you can find out about our current offers here.

Can you help me book the flights?

We can certainly help you to find the cheapest and most convenient flights, but you will have to book them yourself.

You can find convenient flights through our partners, STA Travel:

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When is the best time to arrive?

That depends on the language school. Many schools have set days for arrival and departure. If you need to arrive on a different day, you will often have to pay an extra charge, meaning that cheaper flights don’t really save you any money. It is also important to consider the times at which your flights arrive and depart. It is best to arrive early in the day and to depart in the afternoon, so that there is enough time to travel to and from the airport.

Is there a transfer from the airport?

We can help you with your transfers. Some language schools include airport transfers in the price of the course, while others will ask you to pay an extra charge. In this case, it is often cheaper to make your own arrangements. We can help you find the best connections and you can then book a train or bus ticket online. Tickets should ideally be printed and kept in your hand luggage throughout your journey.

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