Lifelong learning in England and Europe: learning English with the help of EU funding

Since 2014, the European Union has been promoting education, training, youth and sports projects under the name of Erasmus+. This replaced previous funding programmes such as Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci. By 2020, the EU will provide 14.7 billion euros under Erasmus+ for the purposes of training, lifelong learning and international cooperation. However, this funding is available only to institutions. Unlike under previous schemes, individuals are not entitled to apply.

A distinction is made, in particular, between individual training activities, so-called mobility (Key Action 1), and strategic partnerships between several institutions (Key Action 2).

Advice on Erasmus+ supported courses

If your school, college or employer has already been granted an ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) and you are interested in attending an ESL course in England, simply contact us. We know many language schools in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales that are eligible for mobility funding.

Counsultancy for Erasmus+ and Institutional Sponsorship

If you do not have Erasmus+ sponsorship but would still like to apply for a language learning programme in the UK, we can help you. We offer a consulting service for Erasmus+ in cooperation with the Norwich Study Centre, and are able to help you through the application procedure.

Training and development for teachers

Sponsored courses for didactic technique and methodology

Several language schools offer special programmes for English teachers. These not only improve the linguistic competence of participants, but also communicate new methods and didactic content. This is a great opportunity to learn with teachers from other countries, working together to develop new ideas for the classroom. These Teacher Training courses are offered to teachers of every age and academic level, including those who work in vocational schools or the field of adult education. It is also possible to take courses that focus on a particular educational theme; whatever your specialization, there is a course available for you. Teachers who work bilingually, such as teaching History or Science in English, can enroll in special CLIL courses (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to develop the specific skills that they require.

Teacher training in the UK

We can also recommend development courses for non-native teachers working in English without Erasmus+ sponsorship. Many courses have fixed starting dates in the Easter or summer holidays, but there are also ongoing courses which you can take part in outside the major holiday periods.


Key facts about Erasmus+ and Teacher training courses


  • Erasmus+ is the central EU funding programme for educational programmes [Bildungsprogramme].
  • A distinction is made between individual "Mobilities" and partnerships made up of several institutions.
  • We know every language school in the British Isles which offers courses eligible for Erasmus+ sponsorship.
  • If you would like to submit your own application, which includes English courses in the UK, we will help you with our Erasmus+ consulting service.
  • English teachers benefit from EU-funded special courses, such as courses with an emphasis on didactics and methodology.

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