Business English for work

Any Business English language course should have a clear purpose

If you want to efficiently improve your professional language skills, the best place to achieve this goal is in a learning environment where the teacher and the other students share your objective. It’s not usually learning the industry vocabulary, but rather tasks such as writing well-formulated emails, conducting negotiations, giving presentations or simply making small talk on the phone before a telephone conference that create the biggest challenges at work. In a Business English course, you will practise and improve all these skills. You will not only strengthen your command of the English language, but also increase your confidence in using it in a professional environment. Whether you require an intensive course for young professionals or a specialist course for managers and executives, we will support you in finding the right option at one of the best business schools, either in London, or at one of the excellent value establishments outside the UK capital city.

Structure is the key

Many Business English courses also include training in basic English language skills. Any typical mistakes that you have picked up over the years will be corrected, your written English will be improved, and you will be able to practise your speaking and listening skills. A solid understanding of General English is necessary to achieve fluency and confidence in Business English.

The business element of your Business English course will focus on the skills required in the workplace, such as contract negotiation, telephone etiquette and writing business correspondence. Industry specific courses with specialized content are also available for, for example, lawyers or engineers. Sometimes it is helpful to book a course of one-to-one lessons. You will be able to work quickly and effectively with your teacher and the lessons will be tailored to your needs.

Business English for a successful career

Whatever stage of your career you have reached, whether you are an intern, an office worker or the managing director, there will be a language school suitable for you. Prices are determined by factors such as the type of course and the location of the school, and we have found that there are excellent courses available in every price category. For example, there are inexpensive courses for young professionals, which include interview training and Curriculum Vitae writing. All our schools have been independently inspected and accredited by the British Council, which guarantees excellence in every field, from the teaching quality to the learning environment.

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B. Volkmann's feedback:

The atmosphere at the business language school is extraordinary! The teachers are fabulous!

They always boost the students with positive feedback, are challenging and motivational at the same time, while structuring their lessons to make them vibrant and entertaining. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. It apparently was coincidence that only a few students were there at the time. The teachers were exchanging information among themselves and always knew what we were learning and how we were performing in the other lessons.


T. Münch's feedback:

I want to start my feedback with a Thank You.

I only got the idea of participating in a language course in England in spring this year. In the search for suitable schools I found your offer and immediately called you. Thanks to the detailed phone call and the information about selected business language schools, I quickly found the right offer. In our second conversation you then helped me with the booking and the organization of the journey. Thank you for the extensive support!

N. Streich's feedback:

It was the ideal business school and the perfect environment for my needs.

Many thanks for the mediation. Especially impressive were the teachers (motivated and motivational) and thus the quality of the lessons.

Business English Language Courses

Business English courses for adults – the key facts

  • A Business English course should improve your professional English skills in an efficient and targeted manner. This is best achieved on a course with like-minded people at a similar professional level.
  • When you are confident and relaxed in using English it will become a valuable professional skill. A good Business English course will help you to achieve this goal.
  • London is a great city, but we can recommend excellent courses all over the UK and Ireland which offer the same or better value for money.
  • A course that combines General English language training with Business English training can be very effective. You really need a solid foundation in General English to achieve fluency and confidence in Business English.
  • As well as classic Business English courses, we are able recommend specialized courses in fields such as law, economics, medicine and engineering.

Are profession-specific courses available?

We also offer Business English language courses for specific professions

Besides general Business English courses, many schools offer courses directed towards specific professional sectors. A large number of these are intended for lawyers and business administrators. These range from courses for young professionals, to specialized courses, taught by qualified legal professionals, for international lawyers who want to improve their knowledge of English legal terminology.

Courses are also available for members of other professions, such as engineers and doctors. These too will offer the opportunity to discuss job-related topics and will teach specific professional terminology.

We can suggest group courses to professionals in the following fields. There is also the possibility of covering additional key themes in a course of one-to-one lessons.


Banking Human Resources Marketing Project Management
Customer Services Engineering Media Sales
Energy Economy Law Medicine Tourism
Finance Aviation Industry Oil and Gas Industries Administration
Air traffic control Business Management Public Relations Advertising


Sample prices

Sample prices: Business English language courses for adults

The following sample prices are only some of the many offers of our partner schools. Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right one for you!

Course type Combined General English and Business English language course for adults

Beispiel Language course in Newcastle (England)

Duration One week (longer courses available)

Class size Max. 12 participants

Intensity 25 lessons of 55 minutes duration per week (10 lessons General English, 15 lessons Business English)

Availability All year

Accommodation Shared flat with other students near the school (host families also available)

Catering provision Self-catering in a student residence

Leisure programme Leisure programme included

Institute Language school in Newcastle

Price £450 for language course, learning material and self-catering accommodation; fees included

Kosten £450

Course type General and Business English

Beispiel Business English in Shrewsbury (England)

Duration One week (longer courses available)

Class size Max. 6 (summer: max.8) participants

Intensity 37 lessons of 45 minutes duration per week (20 lessons General English, 15 lessons Business English and 2 one-to-one lessons)

Availability All year (excluding Christmas)

Accommodation Host family; single room with shared bathroom

Catering provision Half board on week days, full board at weekends

Leisure programme Leisure programme included

Institute Small language school for adults in central England

Price £822 for the language course, learning material, board and accommodation; fees included

Kosten £822

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